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Cider Brands

Irish brands

Bulmers is a premium, traditional blend of Irish cider with an authentic clean and refreshing taste.

Magners is a premium, traditional blend of Irish cider with a crisp, refreshing flavour and a natural authentic character.

English Brands

The Gaymers cider range has been relaunched to include apple, pear and two fruit flavoured ciders.

Blackthorn Cider is a West Country legend and is one of Britain’s best known ciders.

Olde English is a traditional medium dry cider and is enjoyed for its distinctive taste.

Addlestones is a premium cloudy cider, smooth and easy drinking thanks to its unique double fermentation process.

American Brands

Woodchuck Hard Cider is a premium hard cider handcrafted in Vermont, USA.

Wyder’s Cider was formulated in 1987 by cider master Ian Wyder and is now available throughout the central and western United States.

Hornsby’s is an American cider which combines traditional cider-making techniques with American attitude. It comes in two styles, Crisp Apple and Amber Draft.

Other cider brands include Bulmers Berry, Bulmers Pear, Magners Pear, Magners Specials, Special Vat, K, Natch and Diamond White.

Beer Brands

Tennent’s Lager is brewed to the highest standards to create a lager with a crisp taste and refreshingly clean finish. Tennent’s has been made with pride in the heart of Glasgow since 1885, but is famous far beyond its home city. Tennent’s Lager is Scotland’s best-selling lager.

Tennent’s Original Export is brewed in Glasgow using finest natural ingredients, including 100% Scottish barley. It is a golden lager with a well rounded flavour and a distinct smooth maltiness.

Caledonia Best is a modern, distinctive new pint that is perfectly balanced, sweet and smooth, with a malty, roast flavour and a pleasant hoppy bitterness.

Heverlee is our first premium Belgian Beer, which is endorsed by the Abbey of the order of Prémontré, in the town of Heverlee in Leuven.

Other beer brands include Tennent’s Extra, Tennent’s Scotch Ale, Tennent’s 1885 and Caledonia Smooth.

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